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How to Find a Speech Therapist

How to find a speech therapist

Looking for a Speech Therapist?

In some places you can arrange an assessment by a speech therapist yourself.  Just phone the local speech therapy department. Sometimes you need your doctor to organise it for you.

If the person needing help is a child in school, then your child’s teacher should know how to arrange an assessment. The teacher may be able to do this for you.

Need to Find a Private Speech Therapist?

Names of speech therapists who work privately are usually held in directories that you should be able to use free of charge.

Private speech therapy is sometimes called independent speech therapy.

Find a Speech Therapist Near You…

For further details of how to find a speech therapist, choose your country below:

Find a speech therapist in the UK

find a speech therapist

in the UK

To find a speech therapist outside of these countries, contact the appropriate Speech Therapy Association for your country.


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